The for-profit spin-off from Anoox™ non-profit Search engine & Social network
Search engine that is Powered by Crowd Wisdom :
the best Choice to Google™ Monopoly over Search
Social network that is robust and fully developed :
ready to Scale to
10s of Millions
of daily users
Will launch once we have secured Series-A funding :
10+ Years of coding = $1-Billion+ in value, for $100-Mill Valuation
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Top Reasons To Invest To Launch WasTopia, For-Profit Version of Anoox
Anoox Search engine & Social network have been under real World development and testing for more than 10 Years
After than 10 Years of testing and development they are robust now able to Scale to 10s of Millions of Daily users
Millions of People use and trust Anoox services, and will naturally be ready to start using WasTopia
WasTopia will have instant access to this robust, tested and prefected technology and this user base of Millions
WasTopia will be fully operational within just 6 Months of having received the Series-A funding
Search engine duckduck.go™ that offers privacy as its key differentiartor to Google, has raised $10Mill at $100-Mill+ valuation
Anoox offers what duckduck.go offers, privacy, but offers much more: from Crowd wisdom powered search to a Social network