A for-profit spin-off from technologies developed at Anoox™ non-profit Social network & Search engine
The (B2B Social network) with a killer Instant Messenger at its heart
To connect the staff of the company together, whether they are across the Town or across the World
Have the staff as well connected with their Web Site visitors via an AI based chat bot
Increase productivity, reduce cost of sales and increase sales and customer satisfaction
All for a low monthly subscription fee of $49.95 per User : Contact US
With many Vertical Applications - such as a A HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine solution:
Easy To Use: The Key aspect of this service is that it will be as Easy as 1 2 3 for the healthcare provider to add this service to their Site
Waiting Room: Patients waiting to see a Healthcare provider will enjoy personalized waiting rooms with pictures, videos and music
Meeting History: We will keep records of the meetings for the benefit and use of the patients and the healthcare provider
Patient Queue: healthcare provider can see the patients that are waiting to see them next and whether they have checked in or not
Transfer Patients: Assistants, staff and providers can move patients from one waiting room to another simulating the experience of being in-office
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